March 16, 2011

Award winning Haley's Run Stream Restoration


RiverWorks is a team of restoration biologists, engineers and construction specialists, that provides design-build services for stream and wetland restoration.  The RiverWorks partners combine their respective technical strengths in biology, engineering and construction to provide a truly multidisciplinary approach to restoration.  The result is an unparalleled collaboration of talents that we have dedicated to the industry of ecological restoration since 2007.

The exclusive design-build partnership of RiverWorks has been building a reputation in Northeast Ohio as a highly qualified team.  Our projects have proven to deliver performance and hold up to excessive storm events.  We continually deliver projects despite difficult access, working conditions and weather.  Secondly, our teams’ ability to overcome obstacles and develop creative feasible solutions that are functional from a hydraulic, biologic and morphologic capacity, qualify RiverWorks as an excellent team and valuable asset to our clients.  Our accomplishments to date are due to both to our passion for ecosystem restoration and our highly qualified team that integrates and works together during all phases of the project.  Our exclusive design-build partnership strongly advocates the value of a multidisciplinary approach in addressing the variability of recreating natural eco-systems and working in dynamic streams and floodplains.

The best representation of our experience is in our completed work.  RiverWorks is proud of each project and stands behind our contribution to the watershed.   Our projects have ranged from small ephmeral streams and vernal pools to large rivers and lake beds.  We have worked through a wide range of urban and rural environments, stream gradients, utility and structural constraints as well as weather conditions. 

Please contact Joel Bingham if you have an inquiry or are in need of restoration services.


Joel Bingham

Restoration Biologist





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